This is about movies.SE but you can try this on other sites too, but it may not yield results.


gives over 300 results while the tag 1 has only 2 questions and I have seen only one question without tag some time ago. So the relevant results are only 1%.

Can this search be fixed please ?

In response to the answer: I am using Safari on iOS 12. Keyboard is English US, but I doubt that its punctuation layout changes.

enter image description here

1 https://movies.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/the-witcher


You're using literal unicode open/close quote characters:


Search doesn't recognize those as quotes ( maybe?), so instead you have to use the standard double quote character, like so:


You can also change this more globally on your phone:

Settings | General | Keyboard | Smart Punctuation.

iOS 11 was responsible for making smart quotes the default.

There's really no reason to keep them that way.


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