I’ve noticed a number of issues with casting delete votes from mobile. The common thread is a failure to notify the user of problems with the vote. I’ve seen it in the following situations:

In all these cases the page simply reloads with no notice of a problem.

(Edited to add links to a couple of related questions asked over the past months/years.)

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    I've seen it trying to delete my own answered question. Nothing happened, didn't see the issue until I went to the desktop site. Commented Dec 27, 2019 at 20:05
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    Note this works as expected on the responsive site but there are bugs preventing me from using it on mobile. Most notably that the profile page is unusable: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/338437/…
    – miken32
    Commented Dec 27, 2019 at 20:15
  • With the mobile site being scheduled for deletion in 6-8 units of time your best option would be to use the responsive design.
    – Luuklag
    Commented Dec 27, 2019 at 20:40
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    @Luuklag they still have a long way to go toward making the responsive site usable.
    – miken32
    Commented Dec 27, 2019 at 20:42
  • For the most things I prefer it over the mobile site. Would be great if the profile page became responsive though.
    – Luuklag
    Commented Dec 27, 2019 at 20:59


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