If I vote to reopen a question that appeared on the Reopen Votes queue and it turns out that it is an audit, I get this JS browser confirmation dialog:

enter image description here

But if it is not an audit, then I get this Stacks design popup:

enter image description here

This looks silly. The same type of confirmation should be used. Otherwise, the audits become really easy to spot.

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    Previously, the former dialog was how actual reopen votes (not only review, but on questions themselves also) would be handled; this was changed a couple months ago to the latter, but apparently audits were overlooked. – Sonic the Anonymous Hedgehog Dec 31 '19 at 20:10
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    I think I've seen that dialog in the past few weeks, but received no notification of failure; so it comes out for passers and failers. – Rob Jan 1 '20 at 0:46
  • What is a "Stacks prompt"? There is an image of it, but what is its significance, etc.? – P.Mort. - forgot Clay Shirky_q Apr 30 '20 at 18:06

This will be fixed in the next prod build. Thanks for the report!

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