The tag, used on 27 questions has no excerpt or wiki, and it's used in quite a few different situations, see below. I think we should get rid of it, but slowly, in order not to flood the homepage with edits.

Post quality filters:

(these can probably be retagged to )

Search / general question navigation:

(these can probably be tagged or , if they aren't already)

Review queue filters

(we could make a separate tag, but I'm not sure if it's necessary; otherwise, we need to make sure they're tagged )

StackExchange.com filters



Any thoughts? Am I missing something - there might be a good reason to keep this tag?

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    I retagged the questions listed under stackexchange filters.
    – Luuklag
    Jan 11, 2020 at 10:58
  • Thank you, I've tackled the [review] ones.
    – Glorfindel Mod
    Jan 13, 2020 at 8:38

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Thanks to various users, the tag is now burninated. All that remains of my original request is the proposal for (13 questions, no excerpt/wiki) to be a synonym for (154 questions); you can vote for it here.

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    Looks like that has now been synonymized/merged as well.
    – V2Blast
    Dec 4, 2022 at 18:57

I think this is a great proposal, but I would refrain from creating a review-filter tag, as it's use is too minimal.

For your Others category I'd opt to delete the closed question on the Joel Score, as it is an unanswered duplicate to a question with an authoritative answer. I think that would be more appropriate then bumping it with an edit.

The other I already re-tagged, as to make a slow start with this burn, as I observe no real objections against your proposal. I also voted to close it as off-topic, as it specifically relates to SO only.

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