It seems like comments generated by flagging are not localized.

1) go on Русский язык stack exchange https://rus.stackexchange.com/

2) flag a question as a duplicate of some other question

3) see a comment like "does this answer your question [link to question]" instead of "вот этот вопрос похож на ваш [link to question]"

I haven't tried it, I just saw a comment in English.

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It's already translated in Traducir, string https://ru.traducir.win/strings/13674.

We have topic about it on ruSO: Нет перевода текста в комментариях при закрытии вопроса как дубликат.

You will see the translated string, when a new revision is released (last one was rev 2019.12.20.35703).

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