I like to ask about stimulating brain by light (similar to Optogenetics) non surgical way by combinations of effectiveness of brain stimulation by light and none surgical stimulating brain methods.

i have seen this post :

Non-Invasive Deep-Brain Stimulation with Optogenetics

which is used to newer infrared blue light to penetrating to brain skull and amplified by some nano chemical martial injected to the mouse brain .

so i found this light wavelength could penetrate:

the Near-infrared light (NIR) has shown promise in animal models of both TBI and stroke. ... Our recent tissue studies demonstrate no penetration of low level NIR energy through 2 mm of skin or 3 cm of skull and brain. However, at 10–15 W, 0.45%–2.90% of 810 nm light penetrated 3 cm of tissue.

and this chart:

enter image description here

so could this penetrating be sorted to stimulating as surgical Optogenetics usages at brain.

so what SE sites are proper to ask this question?


Psychology & Neuroscience or Medical Sciences might be good candidates to ask questions about that topic.

Be sure to read the policies manifested in these sites' help-centers, to ask an on-topic question though.


The Biology.SE site returns the most hits for the search term "Optogenetics".


More importantly, you can see that the moderator uses the technique in his lab.

  • Thanks @Rob, so one of finding mechanism for proper SE site is finding most hits rate of SE Sites, any education about how to do it? Jan 6 '20 at 7:00
  • @modern, the second link above. Type in a few words to search all our sites. Click "Advanced Search Help" link for the extra parameters.
    – Rob
    Jan 6 '20 at 8:22

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