(As a non-programmer) I'd be interested to see a list of who is most "legendary" on the non-programming, non-meta (NPNM) part of the site, defined as looking only at "legendary" (L) badges gained on non-meta subsites other than Stack Overflow and Software Engineering.

  • Have any users gained two NPNM L badges yet? If yes, how do they rank by how long they took to win them?

  • How do those with at least one NPNM L badge rank by the time they took to win their first one?


  1. This is a followup to this question

  2. I am the same person as "JohnRichardWillis" but I forgot the passwords both for that account and for the email account I used for it, and therefore I couldn't log in and delete my first effort to post this question, which was as an answer to the other question, a form which I am advised was incorrect. My apologies. Please can someone delete that answer and also that account - thanks.


I've modified this SEDE query to show the sites where users obtained their badges.

Rand al'Thor earned his badges on Science Fiction & Fantasy and Puzzling Stack Exchange. I think he qualifies.

Another candidate (depending on if you consider TeX to be programming or just 'markup') would be egreg who is legendary on Mathematics and TeX - LaTeX.

(I'll leave it to rene to answer your second question.)

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