Some day this week I came across a question that a asked about a Microsoft product licence thing.

The question title and body was a clear "Where to ask about ..."

I agreed with one comment that most likely "not on the SE network at all, because off-topic". But I was still surprised that the question had at least 2 downvotes at that point.

Only later I figured: initially, the OP had asked this community to solve his problem. It was another MSE user who turned "how to do X" into "where to ask about X".

A side result was: that the OP came back later "but I still have that problem, so how to do X" in comments. The original questioner didn't get that asking "how to X" is off-topic here. The OP was still looking for people to help with X.

So, simply wondering: is it an appreciated practice of editing "lost soul" questions like that?


I do it only if I see some indications that the author of the post has a hunch about the nature of Meta Stack Exchange.

In this case, they tagged their question and indicated they weren't sure about the correct Stack Exchange site. Especially the former is an indication that this is more than just a run-of-the-mill 'lost soul'. I know the above isn't a 100% fool proof method, but on the other hand: not much is lost when I'm proven wrong by later actions.

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