Currently there are multiple tags in regard to the same thing, the activity tab of a user profile.

There are:

With the following excerpts:

  1. Use this tag for questions about the activity tab. The activity tab is found in the user profile and gives access to several categories.
  2. Every user's account profile has a section showing the recent reviews, revisions, comments, badges, posts (questions and answers), and accepts.
  3. There is no usage guidance for this tag … yet!

Of these three tags, only has a filled tag info, it reads as follows:

In your user profile you'll find the activity tab.

Use this tag if you have a question about the information, user interaction, data source, layout, including any of the sub-tabs:

  • summary
  • answers
  • questions
  • reputation
  • badges
  • favorites
  • all actions
  • responses
  • votes

Questions about the should be tagged as such.

This makes me believe that the should only be used for questions regarding the first sub-tab of the activity tab. The questions using this tag how-ever don't comply to that principle. For example the three most recent question: 1, 2, 3 use this tag to indicate the overall activity tab of a user profile.

For the same thing is taking place. Examples: 1, 2, 3. They all describe a problem with the activity tab of a user profile.

Can we rename / synonym-ize all these tags into ?
As there currently isn't a great deal of difference in how these tags are used I think we are better off using just one tag. Preferably I'd rename into and make the other two synonyms of it.

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