I was on Music, and I saw this question title:

The title is "What is Concert Pitch" with a capital C in concert, a capital P in pitch, and no question mark

I found a question it is apparently a duplicate of with this title:

The title is "What is concert pitch?" with concert and pitch not capitalized and a question mark

If I were to ask a question called "What is concert pitch?" the system would stop me, as it would have the same title as another—I assume to avoid some obvious duplicates. However, apparently because of the lack of a question mark (but not the difference in capitalization), the newer question was able to be titled that.

If a question has a question mark or other punctuation as the only difference between its title and another, it should be treated as the same question title and not be allowed. This could stop things like if I tried to ask a question called "How do you conjugate the first-person imperative?" on Spanish and then change it to "How do you conjugate the first person imperative" (which is allowed) to get it through, making an dupe and filling the review queues.



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