Thank you for the introducing the timeline. It gives you a great overview about what happened in a post.

I would suggest to list the full urls of the duplicate targets when the dupe list is edited or when a post is closed as a duplicate.

Currently, when the duplicate list is edited, all we see is:

When a post is closed, it merely gives the "Duplicate" reason, and doesn't include the dupe targets:

Could we display links/urls here?

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    For the record: the feature isn't new. It was simply hidden. In the past we got there by modifying the URL. – Mast Jan 16 at 14:37
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    @mast Not quite; it's been revamped too. Shog put a lot into it right before he was dropped like a rock. Read more here. – Lightness Races in Orbit Jan 16 at 14:44

The timeline display for closed-duplicate rows has been updated:

  • Duplicate List Edited rows now shows the linked titles of the before/after posts (like on the revision history)
  • Duplicate rows now links to the duplicate post
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