In the parts of an SE site that do not contain content, please default to the arrow (default) cursor CSS property.

I instinctively move the cursor off of content while I read, and then shake the mouse to find the cursor again, but the text-selection (I-shaped) cursor is really hard to see.

In the left and right sidebars, I frequently lose the cursor when it is a text-selection shape. This often happens when I move the cursor from the center content area's text—which rightly has a text cursor—to one of the sidebars' empty space, but it's finicky and may depend on how fast I move the cursor there. It's also odd in that it sometimes becomes the arrow on the way to the sidebar and subsequently changes to the I after a pause.

MacOS Catalina; Chrome M79

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    Mhh, no repo here, neither on Firefox nor Chrome on W10. I always get the arrow cursor when the mouse is not over selectable/markable text or links. – Tom Jan 22 at 14:45

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