Recently, the expanded usercard is now offered universally to all users, rather than requiring the established user privilege (1,000+ rep on designed sites).

However, the privilege tracker in the user profile still lists it as a privilege that will be gained once I earn 1,000 reputation:

Next privilege: "See votes, expandable usercard"

Can this please be fixed?

I suggest changing this to "Established user (see votes)" to better make use of the space and explain what exactly the privilege is about.

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UPDATE on January 27, 2020

The privilege API is updated /2.2/privileges?page=2&pagesize=15&site=meta

API updated

And the privilege tracker UI is looking now as:


It seems the issue has been fixed

Initially posted on January 23, 2020

Currently the Privileges API (/2.2/privileges?site=meta) is returning the description as see votes, expandable usercard. Updating the API, can solve this issue.

Screenshot for reference:

Privileges API

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