I whipped up a Chinese.SE meta post in which:

Sites that have a [China] tag...


I did this somewhat manually (using grep and sort -u on this search), which took a while (and may have some bugs). I feel like there is a better way via Data Explorer to create this list. I would also be interested in replacing "China" with other keywords.

Question: How do I list the SE sites that have a specified tag, sorted by the number of questions with that tag?


It turns out that I have written such a query 6-8 months ago, to answer the question Searching the tags of all Stack Exchange sites before asking a question, to find out where the question belongs.

It actually searches for tags containing a certain query; feel free to fork it to make one which looks for exact matches.

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  • Actually, it's better left alone---I found more results. Thanks! – Rebecca J. Stones Jan 25 at 10:44

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