I have seen the enterprise edition of Stack Exchange and the various plans associated to this product. However when I tried it out, I was disappointed in its features.

What I am after is something specifically in the Stack Exchange format, good examples are:

  • mathematica
  • physics
  • mathematics

My end goal is to use SE as a kind of electronic lab book for academic research/experiments. So things like the ability to insert images and having LaTeX or math markup languages are pretty essential. This doesn't seem to be available on SO.

How can I get my own private SE? Or something that is almost the same as it.

Just so it's clear my requirements are:

  • The ability to paste in images (Teams ✔)
  • To have LaTeX or math markup i.e. so one can go $E = m c^{2}$ for inline expressions or $$ \bar{\psi} \left( i \gamma^{\mu} \partial_{\mu} - m \right) \psi = 0$$ for a full equation (Teams ?)
  • Code chunks/snippets (Teams ✔)
  • The ability to customise the interface appearance -- ideally something more along the lines of SE (Teams ?)

I will contact teams at the suggestion of one of the users who made a comment on this post and respond.

In the meantime, if anyone knows of a way to implement what I want, or, alternative software I'd be very interested to know!

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    How "Private" are you saying? Is this for a business? Is this for personal use? (How would that even work?) – Cerbrus Jan 29 at 15:33
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    The closest comparison would be for a experimental collaboration, a collection of academics working on an experiment or project. A private one would also be very much acceptable. – Q.P. Jan 29 at 15:34
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    Doesn't teams fit the bill? If it doesn't, why not? – Cerbrus Jan 29 at 15:35
  • As I mentioned, I have tried this and there is no LaTeX or math markup support -- or customisation of the interface to resemble something more like SE. If I can get LaTeX or MathM then this could work! – Q.P. Jan 29 at 15:40
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    LaTeX isn't "specific" to SE or those sites - it's a global feature that can be turned on/off with a setting, and it's just only turned on for sites that need it. I don't remember if it can be turned on in Teams, but if you're interested in the product and have a need for it, contacting Teams support to request it is the way to go. – animuson Jan 29 at 15:44
  • @animuson thanks I'll give that a go. – Q.P. Jan 29 at 15:51
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    There's a bunch of different things, including MathJax and Videos that could be asked about. – Rob Jan 29 at 17:54
  • Maybe after you contacted the support, you could come back here and answer your question yourself. I would find it interesting. – Trilarion Jan 29 at 20:17
  • "My end goal is to use SE as a kind of electronic lab book for academic research/experiments": what does this have to do with Q&A software? It sounds like you're looking for a latex workflow (e.g. based on git or Overleaf), or possibly a more general tool like osf.io . See also 101innovations.wordpress.com/outcomes – Nemo Jan 29 at 23:11
  • @Nemo Because the format of SE/SO is pretty perfect. Just because it was designed as a Q&A ticket system doesn't prohibit it's use in other ways. For example one would write instead of a question "Voltage fluctuation study" and post results in the form of answers. Clicking accepted could indicate experiment completed or whatever criteria. – Q.P. Jan 29 at 23:25
  • @Trilarion absolutely! I have contacted them and am waiting for a response. – Q.P. Jan 29 at 23:26
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    @Q.P. so you're looking for an issue tracker of sorts? See also en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_project_management_software – Nemo Jan 29 at 23:36

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