I recently saw a question I wanted to answer, so I typed out an answer in the answer box. After I finished writing it, I realized I couldn't post it because I hadn't created an account on that stack yet. I clicked the button to create an account on that stack (and got no warning about navigating away from the page), and when I returned to the question I found about 2/3 of my answer text was deleted from the text box.

Usually I get a warning when navigating away from a page with an unposted answer, so I assumed here when I got no such warning that my answer would be saved for me. So it seems like something is not working right in this system (either I should have gotten a warning when clicking to create an account, or else my answer should have been properly saved).

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    Yes, there is a warning (even when the complete post is saved as a draft), so the fact that it didn't trigger for you is a bug. It would be nice to know your browser and OS versions, so we can tell whether the bug is in your browser or within SE. – Sonic the Anonymous Hedgehog Jan 30 at 23:51
  • I'm running Chrome (version 79.0.3945.130) on Windows 10. I get the warning when I click most links, but not the 'Sign up using Email and Password' button below the answer box and this happens consistently. – Carmeister Jan 30 at 23:59

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