Yesterday I downvoted a question for being unclear. Today I received a notification "Question Undownvoted".

Does the system undownvote questions/answers automatically? Did someone vote it up and was my downvote removed?

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    This question is a bit unclear. Only you can vote and only you can revert such a vote, so "no", there is no automatic process. Also someone else might "counter" your vote to change the number next to a post, but that doesn't invalidate your vote, it is still there and "alive". Can you maybe add more information, especially what you mean with "a notification question "undownvoted""? – Tom Jan 31 at 12:31
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    @Tom in some cases system automatically reverses up/down votes, see What is serial voting and how does it affect me? – gnat Jan 31 at 12:36
  • @gnat Yes that's correct. I omitted that in the hope OP wouldn't do that :D. – Tom Jan 31 at 12:53

Why down votes are automatically removed?

Only when "the system" has detected suspicious voting behavior.

When, for example, you do targeted voting, the system might observe: "user X is quickly down(up)voting multiple posts of user Y", that might be determined to be serial voting, and the system automatically undos all corresponding votes.

In other words: the system "automatically" undoing your votes is most likely based on specific (unwanted) behavior on your side.

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    The question here mentioned a notification of "Question Undownvoted". Is that documented anywhere as happening in a case of serial voting? The answer to the linked duplicate says that there is no notification if the downvote was on a question. – Alex Feb 1 at 23:44

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