Here on MSE, we have a close reason for bug reports and feature requests that have been rendered obsolete by changes to the system:

The problem described here can no longer be reproduced. Changes to the system or to the circumstances affecting the asker have rendered it obsolete. If you encounter a similar problem, please post a new question.

This leads to questions such as First Responder hat of the 2016 winter bash being closed - despite being perfectly on-topic, acceptable bug reports, because changes have rendered it obsolete or in the example above because the event ended.

This doesn't seem quite fair to me. A closed question counts against you for badges such as Inquisitive and Socratic, for one, and the questions as asked were perfectly acceptable.

It would make sense to create a new tag, akin to and , and to apply that tag to questions where the problem detailed is obsolete due to circumstances out of the OP's question, much like we tag questions with when things were fixed.

One such example of a post where this tag would be applied is The "possible spam" banner for suggested edits is misaligned. This is a bug report from 2014; a perfectly acceptable use of meta, dating back six years. However, in the six years between then and now, the problem detailed in the question has become obsolete due to multiple redesigns. It's now at 3/5 close votes (one of them mine, admittedly).

Would there be any chance of creating a new tag for obsolete questions instead of outright closing questions that were perfectly acceptable?

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Don't we already have this tag?
Even the excerpt is applicable:

Indicates that the site developers were not able to replicate the behavior reported.

but the tag wiki needs some work. I'm essentially proposing to re-purpose that tag to include obsolete bug reports. In both cases, the final status of the bug is 'we won't fix it, but not because it's a bad idea' (the latter cases fall under ).

Now if we only had a way (suggested edits perhaps) for regular users to add that tag to a question ...

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    Not exactly. That's used more for bugs that turn out to be an issue with something else, such as a userscript, etc. It's not used for obsolete bug reports, as far as I've seen. – Mithical Feb 3 at 13:01
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    Well, if it's a genuine bug that was repaired, status-obsolete seems kinda odd, too, rather than status-completed or whatever actually happened to the bug. – Christian Rau Feb 3 at 13:05
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    Can become a new privilege for 20k (or even 30k?) users to suggest mod-only tags, and only mods will be able to approve those, of course. I'd support such a feature request. :) – Shadow Keeps Social Distance Feb 3 at 13:09

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