Visiting our User Profile page using the Firefox Android browser, and the newest site update: rev 2020.2.3.35945, with the browser's menu Request Desktop Site unchecked results in two different widths for the webpages elements; causing an incorrectly sized webpage and some elements overlapping and unreadable:

Smushed User Profile

Everything was OK a few hours ago.

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    I bet this is an attempt at making those pages responsive, which would be something I very much welcome! Although it could do with a few tweaks. – Luuklag Feb 3 at 15:36
  • disable responsiveness is a possible temporary solution. – Zera Feb 3 at 15:38
  • @Luuklag It's about time. I always use the full site on my phone and the profile page can get a bit of a hassle. – Zera Feb 3 at 15:40
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    I normally have "Request Desktop Site" checked but on one of my tabs it wasn't, when I visited my Profile the evil was revealed. Simply checking the box fixes everything, but it's not correct to be required to do so; and it was OK earlier today. Probably missing a CSS inheritance somewhere ... No panic. Also affects Chrome 79.0.3945.136 for Android. – Rob Feb 3 at 15:58
  • It also happens on Chrome 79.0.3945.73, Safari and Firefox on IOS. Must be something that they are doing to the website. – Zera Feb 3 at 16:24
  • I noticed this earlier too. But I just checked again now and it seems to be back to normal. – Kodos Johnson Feb 3 at 17:17
  • @AdamLear hi! Is this an indication that there’ll be a responsive profile in the actually near future (i.e. was this part of an attempt to make this page work as a responsive page), or was this just a mistake? – Stormblessed Feb 3 at 22:18
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    @Stormblessed This was a side-effect of an unrelated change, but reworking user profiles and making them responsive is something we'd like to do eventually as we work on moving away from having mobile-browser-specific views. – Adam Lear Feb 3 at 23:48
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    Thanks Adam. 👏 – Rob Feb 3 at 23:55

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