I spent hours looking for a solution to Why is this autogen.sh script failing?

as it was the same problem I had. Other posts (not in stackexchange) gave me a clue to the problem, and the answer was the missing macros in gettext-tools (a strange place to hide them, and easy for autoconfig to overlook) so having fixed the problem on my machine, I went back and answered the question.

got flamed cant post the answer however was right.

am I missing a secret handshake? can I check a downgrade is warranted?

for the record i've been writing my own software for 40 years

hopefully.... robert

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    please clarify "got flamed" - which to me implies a human reacting angrily to the content you posted -- with "can't post the answer" -- which says you didn't post content. Which happened? – Kate Gregory Feb 6 at 1:33
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    Hi, I dont see a fire started there, as I dont think you got flamed, but I do see a really short answer. Please provide more details in that answer would be my advise, as asked indirectly by the commentator it would improve your answer. Short answer get autoflagged for the low quality review queue (VLQ), as such it can bring a lot of attention to your answer. – yagmoth555 Feb 6 at 1:36
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    You probably have your answer here: unix.meta.stackexchange.com/q/5507/261962 and you are likely to be banned from answering soon. See How to answer. – Rob Feb 6 at 2:06
  • Does this answer your question? Comment on a question without 50 reputation points – Rob Feb 6 at 2:11
  • The terminology used around these parts is: upvote(s) and downvote(s). As I'm sure you know, the term "upgrade" has a very different and specific meaning which might confuse some users and/or visitors. – Mari-Lou A Feb 7 at 11:10

You have many negatively scored answers. Your problem is your whole corpus, not just one answer.

Looking at the comments on your answers it appears you might want to read the questions more carefully as the commenters seem to be suggesting that your answers do not reflect or solve the issues that the questioners are having. Go back over your previous answers, re-read the questions and the comments on your answer and edit the answers to address the comments and make sure your answer properly covers the issues stated in each question.

Your answers are also pretty short, for the question you mention why not add more explanation by editing the question as the moderator commenter suggests.

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