I often find that ideas on one site's meta are useful for other sites. However, I often only discover them years later because I don't frequent every meta site. Hence...

Question: How can I see all of the current per-site "Featured on Meta" posts?

I really have no idea how to see all of these at once, without e.g. going through the sites one by one. I didn't find a data explorer query for it.

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Just for a single site, you can go to "[meta site url]/tags/featured" or "[meta site url]/questions/tagged/featured".

For all sites, specifically for all meta sites, you can use filtered search function on the general StackExchange.com page with the rules selected like so:

Screenshot: "1. Which questions do you want to include?  [x] Just questions with the [featured] tag  on...  [x] All meta sites ([x] show meta sites)"

Note that this will also display localized names of the featured tag on other language metas, which might seem unusual, but this is exactly the result we want here.

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    Great! Thanks! By the way, filtered searches can be shared. In this case: Per-site meta: featured questions Feb 7, 2020 at 4:43
  • Oh, I tried visiting my own share url for the filter in private browsing mode, but it gave me 404 so I assumed it's only accessible by the creator. Oh well :p Feb 7, 2020 at 4:44

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