As I understand, per-site meta questions can become "hot". For example:

Screenshot showing a math.SE example: "Hot Meta Posts: 19 What tools can be used to extract MathJax/LaTeX from scanned input?"

However, this event doesn't show up on their timeline. For the example above, its timeline shows:

Screenshot of the timeline of the above example: "asked", "answer", "comment", and "edited" are visible.

This is unlike non-meta questions:

Screenshot of the timeline of a non-meta example: "10 hours ago 'history' became hot network question".

Feature request: Add a "became hot meta question" timeline event.

I'm not 100% sure if this is reasonable, since "hot meta questions" might have a totally different algorithm to "hot network questions". But I thought I'd propose it to check.


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This feature request has been completed, per-site posts now have an event in their timeline that reads:

became hot meta post

as shown in the screenshot for this example post

timeline containing became hot meta post event

However, the event is added to the timeline of posts going forward; it has not been added retroactively to posts that became hot meta posts before this system changed was deployed - as is the case of the example post in the question.

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