Suppose some code snippet that appears to be some specific syntax like C in this case, and I want to format it like plain text:

#include <code>

On stackexchange, this will be rendered as if it was C/C++ like so (on meta I'll need explicit ```c):

#include <code>

Is there a way to explicitly switch off any syntax highlighting here?


Use the 'language' none:


That will render your code block as

#include <code>

Alternatively, you can put <!-- language: none --> on a single line before the code block. That works too, but is considerably inferior since it's a lot more work to type.

  • Thanks. I'v tried everything like "text", "ascii", "plain", ... but mussed "none". – emacs drives me nuts Feb 10 at 14:06
  • Or put it in a block quote, instead of a code block :) – Luuklag Feb 10 at 14:35
  • You can also do <!-- language-all: none --> to disable highlighting of all code blocks in the post. That can be helpful if you have many blocks, and/or are using indentation formatting which doesn't have any other way to specify language. – Carcigenicate Feb 10 at 15:36

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