I'm trying to search for questions that have specific words in their titles using the intitle search feature, but it seems that it does not return any search results.

Using this feature, I tried to search for questions on Stack Overflow with "prolog" in their titles, but this search query returns no results.

Is it still possible to filter the search results based on words in question titles?

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    the parameter is title not intitle see this result – rene Feb 12 at 16:39
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    Can the close voter please clarify why they believe this question is no longer reproducible? – Sonic the Masked Werehog Feb 12 at 16:45

That answer from Jeff you linked to is obsolete.

From the Advanced Search help page:

  • to limit your search to just the title of a question, use title: followed by the search term. Likewise, search the body only (exclude the title) with body:"phrase here".

So for your specific search you would do


which returns all questions with the word "prolog" in their title.

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