While programming I often have naming questions, such as "how do I name [thing] in a descriptive but succinct way? Is there already an accepted terms for this/an alternative to [name]?" (Thing could be a programming concept, a function, a class, a variable)

Is Stack Overflow the right place to ask these naming/semantics questions?

I would like to be able to get meaningful answers, not just "Name it [name] and call it a day."


I think that Software Engineering could be the right place to make questions about "naming conventions" to be used in the software developing process. Here are some related tags

Also you could ask on Code Review for the naming conventions used in a specific piece of code. Here are some sample questions


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    Key with Code Review is that there has to be existing code before it's reviewable. Don't abstract other parts away either, and don't complain if the reviews focus on different problems first. If you're more interested in naming things that haven't been written yet or don't care about the rest of the overall code quality, Software Engineering is a better fit. – Mast 2 days ago
  • Software Engineering can be the right place for such questions, but don't be surprised/angry if a naming question gets closed quickly. That should typically be interpreted as "we don't care what name you use. Just pick one and be done with it." – Bart van Ingen Schenau 2 days ago

"What do I name something" would be a primarily opinion based question and no stack site would allow it.

What you name something is up to you. There are books that talk about naming conventions but it's still up to you which books to read and whether to pay attention to anything they say.

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