Recently (in the past week or so) I have noticed that windows in which I have multiple tag filters in effect -- say + -- the X questions with new activity banner will give wrong information, and when clicked on will generate wrong results. Only by reloading the window can I get a correctly filtered set of questions.

Details as follows.

Earlier today on Stack Overflow I opened a window for all questions tagged with [serialization] and [c#], newest first:


After a couple hours I noticed there were 41 new questions:

enter image description here

So I clicked on the 41 questions with new activity banner -- and a bunch of questions appeared matching but not :

enter image description here

I then reloaded the page and found that, actually, there were no new questions at all matching both tags:

enter image description here

As the newest question in the list, Select SQL Server DatetimeOffset as .Net DateTimeOffset.Ticks, was completely unmodified today according to its timeline.

However, in windows with just a single tag filter, say [.net], the banner does appear to give correct information.

Somehow the filtering logic is getting wrongly applied when showing results in the X questions with new activity banner. This appears to be a regression from When I search for certain tags, the "X new questions with update" comes up only one one of the tags (from 2012) for which the accepted answer states:

After the next deploy we will support both the AND and the OR operators on tags for realtime updates which will fix this issue...

My impression is that it started happening within the past week or so.

Note: possible duplicates include:

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    This bug is still there and apparently also network-wide. This needs to be given some serious priority! Viewing a site by selecting tags is kind of the very core of the whole network.
    – Lundin
    Commented May 4, 2022 at 6:22


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