On sustainability.se, skeptics.se, meta.se, and several others, I see:

Community working group updates, February 2020

On electronics.se, engineering.se, so, and several others, I see:

Podcast: Coaching a Developer Interview; Trying to find your first dev job? Here's what employers are actually looking...

My best guess is that it has to do with the audience of the site -- Stack Overflow and more "technically" oriented sites have the dev-focused blog articles featured, while everybody else gets the more meta-oriented blog articles.

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    Maybe it's only possible to see 2 featured posts at a time? – Everton Lenger Feb 18 at 17:02

It's tag-dependent.

  • Blog posts tagged "bulletin" appear in the sidebar on sites that are considered technology sites (based on the sites listed in the footer) but not on others.

  • Blog posts tagged "announcements" appear everywhere on the network.

  • There's a third for "stack-overflow" which only appears on SO unless it also has one of the other two tags.

  • We also have an "international" tag for blog posts written in other languages and that can be paired with a language tag to cause the post to appear on the Russian, Spanish, Portuguese or Japanese SO sites

The bulletin only shows two blog posts at a time and it prefers the most recent. This is why you don't see the "Community working groups updates" post on the technology sites - there are newer blogs that have been featured.

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    Ah, so this explains it, I thought that the different posts were showing far too long for it to be caching. The announcements tag does however contain lots of posts which are tech focused and not announcements. :( – curiousdannii Feb 18 at 21:41
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    Why is the dev survey post shown on non-tech sites? – curiousdannii Feb 23 at 2:21
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    It has the "announcements" tag... or are you asking why it has announcement instead of bulletin? – Catija Feb 23 at 2:53
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    The latter. I know the survey is a big deal in SO's year, but if there's meant to be a system I'd hope it would be followed more consistently. It's not worth following up on though. – curiousdannii Feb 23 at 3:13

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