Catija has recently explained that which blog posts get displayed in the side bar for each site depends on a blog tag:

It's tag-dependent.

  • Blog posts tagged "bulletin" appear in the sidebar on sites that are considered technology sites (based on the sites listed in the footer) but not on others.

  • Blog posts tagged "announcements" appear everywhere on the network.

  • There's a third for "stack-overflow" which only appears on SO unless it also has one of the other two tags.

  • We also have an "international" tag for blog posts written in other languages and that can be paired with a language tag to cause the post to appear on the Russian, Spanish, Portuguese or Japanese SO sites

The announcements tag is not however limited to actual announcements of relevance to non-technology focused sites. It also has included:

It has often been the case that the sidebar will show two blog posts, neither of which should be promoted in this way on non-tech sites (or even arguably on any site).

screenshot of the page sidebar

I would like to make the simple request that the announcements tag be limited to only those posts which are actually announcements.

Actually, no, I'll go further than that. There needs to be accountability for the way the blog is pushed onto the hundreds of sites in the network. It cannot be the case that one staff member can act like a free agent and push random posts onto our sites without oversight.


As a workaround, I am now using this filter with uBlock Origin:

stackexchange.com## [href^="https://stackoverflow.blog/"]

Honestly your post broke the back of the camel for me. I have been looking at those links for some time now, and I have to say I haven't been interested in a single one.

As others have alluded to, the blog seems to have turned into this weird marketing/advertising thing that I don't want to consume. I am much more interested in the "Featured on Meta" section, as those are usually (or used to be) posted by users, or by staff and contain topical information about what is going on in the community.

Sadly my filter isn't great, as whoever designed the site put a CSS ID for the entire sidebar, but no ID or unique class on the blog section to allow for easy filtering.

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  • Here are the filters I use that will remove the blog panel entirely: *##.s-sidebarwidget--content:has(a[href*="stackoverflow.blog"]) and *##div.fc-light.s-sidebarwidget--header:has(+ .s-sidebarwidget--content:has(a[href*="stackoverflow.blog"])). If other sites match those selectors exactly, you may have to specify stackoverflow, stackexchange and the other few sites with their own domain... but that's unlikely – ert Mar 7 at 12:21

I think the real point ... is simply a re-iteration of what was written in January already: there needs to be a consistent, well thought strategy about tags.

Which tags exist, and how exactly are they used, and most importantly: infrastructure around that, to easily use these tags for navigation!

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FWIW we recently(-ish) changed the feed of one of the chatrooms in an attempt to filter out the noise.


It's mostly cleaned up our feed. Unfortunately the most recent Teams ad still ended up getting included, and I don't think it's possible to filter out specific tags.

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