You have earned new privilege message

It might be helpful, if this notification showed some information or came with a link to more information.

I am sure, I can find the information somewhere but just being able to click might make it (even) easier for people to make themselves useful.

What (also) might be helpful information here:

  1. a list of all tags
  2. a list of tags I have been active in
  3. a list of tags where I have been active in with no description
  4. a list of requested tags (if this exists in the area of or near my expertise)
  5. guidelines for creating tags and editing tag descriptions

Update: The suggested link in the comment takes care of point 5.


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I see your request and raise you: This is now in place for for all new privileges. In each one of the "congrats on the new privilege" callouts the name of the privilege now links to the relevant help center article.

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    wow, quick resolution! Thank you. Feb 21, 2020 at 12:22

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