The photo widget on photo.se seems to only exist on that site. My site (Arqade) has somewhat recently started doing Screenshot of the Week contests, and the widget would potentially be a good fit for promoting it on our site. We also have quite a lot of support from the community for adding it.

However, there doesn't seem to be any documentation on how the widget works. The best I can find is this post from '11, saying that the aspect ratio changed.

What features does the photo widget have, and how does it work?


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On Photo.SE we have a moderator utility "Custom Sidebar Content", a form which allows us to enter an image URL, a photo title, and the user's profile URL.

Custom Sidebar Content moderator utility

The widget displays the photo, title, and user name + link to their profile.

It also has links to our ongoing contest, another link to a "Hall of Fame" of previous contest winners, and a heading of "Photo of the Week".

The Photo of the Week widget

The heading and the 2 links are not configurable by us. The widget also doesn't provide any ability to click on the image to see a larger size, so that might be limiting for a screenshot.

And as for aspect ratio, there used to be strict requirements, but now the image is scaled to fit. I assume it maintains the original aspect ratio, and is scaled to have a maximum width within the sidebar.

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