How can I get questions with x, y, z tags having at least three upvotes and with an accepted answer?

Also, I would like to only retrieve the question title, only the accepted answer, tags on questions and authors of the question and answers using Stack Exchange API.

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    Something like this? You can't shape the results from the API as easy as you could with a sql statement. Do post processing in your favorite tool stack. – rene Feb 23 at 20:12
  • @rene I am able to use those api end points, check my answer, I was wondering for something like that but not restricted to a particular account. Thank you for your effort on putting a comment on my question. – Prafulla Kumar Sahu Feb 26 at 7:33

This is not a complete answer or acceptable for this question, but still it should give a better idea.

I think it is only possible if you have the data. It comes under private data.

The steps will be

  1. Register an application

  2. Get a code, using private_info scope

  3. Get an accessToken

  4. Create a filter

  5. The request URL will be something like


It can not be used to get others' questions and answers.

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