Up until some days ago, when tagging a question, the popups would indicate that said tag had been used x times in the form of [tag] × 2814; see the following screenshot, courtesy of this question:

former preview when tagging

The × symbol is gone now, and the numbers now look a bit confusing, to me at least. I also notice they're darker now (maybe part of the ongoing CSS refactoring which has caused some UI regressions already).

current preview

I feel like the × conveyed more information on the number next to it than no symbol at all. It's pretty common to have this letter/symbol denote a number of instances, and no symbol conflates a bit with the way tag scores are displayed, when it's not at all the same thing (this display kept the × though):

tag scores

If this design change is intentional, what is the rationale behind it? If not, can it please be brought back?

  • I think my title is mildly unclear, if someone has a better inspiration, be my guest. – Jenayah Feb 23 at 17:50
  • 5
    Title suggestion: "Why doesn't X mark the spot any more?" – Rand al'Thor Feb 23 at 19:32
  • 1
    The "x" was also removed from the main tag page. Screenshots here. – Alex Feb 23 at 22:55

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