I just noticed that the CSS for mobile has darker colors than the normal one. What is the reason for this? Can it be changed to the same colors?

Desktop Mobile


Mobile CSS is considered legacy at this point, so it doesn't actually inherit perfectly from Stacks. Our long term goal is to kill our mobile views entirely in favor of responsive views. This color difference is design / tech debt. I'm working every day to clean it up, but by the back and forth we've had lately, you can see how complex these things get at our scale 😛

Hopefully it isn't too gnarly to get those colors to be the same.

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  • Wouldnt time be better spent on the work that needs doing to get to the point we can ditch the mobile view? – Luuklag Feb 27 at 20:14
  • Yes. To be clear, I'm not working to clean up this specific instance of debt that @Dharman has pointed out, but I am indeed chipping away at a lot of things like this. – Aaron Shekey Feb 27 at 20:28

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