Oneboxing from the Ubuntu man pages site appears to be using a broken, insecure icon:

Broken icon

The broken link is http://manpages.ubuntu.com/favicon.ico.

Not only is it attempting to load the icon insecurely, triggering a mixed content warning, but the link is also 404 as of today.

The correct link should be https://assets.ubuntu.com/v1/cb22ba5d-favicon-16x16.png.

This type of oneboxing is supported on all sites, not just Ask Ubuntu, so this question is not only applicable to that site.

Also, this is not a duplicate of Icons of Meta.SE and Stack Apps have gone missing, as that is about the network profile, the icons are entirely internal, and the URLs remained the same but weren't working for some reason; this report is about chat, the icon is external (unrelated to SE), and the URL needs to be changed in order to work.

Can this please be fixed?



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