By using full keywords, I can find the expected post.

enter image description here

using part of keywords can not.

enter image description here

without the pair of quotation marks, I got unexpected post

enter image description here

How to find posts by part of keywords?


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You can use * as a wildcard: *time_zone_info:

enter image description here

Not exactly ideal, having to guess where a wildcard might be needed, but better than having no results at all.

The dot is still honoured when using a wildcard, so you can search for *.time_zone_info and get 7 hits, because then the uppercase TIME_ZONE_INFO result no longer matches.


enter image description hereThe "Advanced Search Tips" link you posted in your images will lead you here if you click on the "visit our help page" at the bottom of the list. There, you will find all of the tips for searching with more information including the bit provided by Martijn:

  • Use wildcard searches to broaden results; add an asterisk ( * ) anywhere in the word, like encour* or Ex*nge.

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