Will Community Promotion Ads be returning this year? In previous years, a post was put up on meta (Chem, Math, Phys) sometime between December and early February. Is it just delayed or is this feature no longer going to be supported?


Update: Just posted these on 100 sites :)

Community Promotion Ads are still coming in 2020!

I'm sorry for the delay: there's been a lot of things to juggle lately, and that's the only reason why they haven't been posted yet. It's a manual process, so it requires a bit of time to take care of it, but I have it on my schedule to try to post these this week (or by the end of the next one, at the latest) on all non-beta sites.

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    Congrats with the badges ;) – rene Mar 5 '20 at 16:21
  • you have to post 100 posts manually? :-o – Ooker Jun 1 at 13:36
  • I did, yes, @Ooker – JNat Jun 3 at 11:52
  • Why don't you (SE) automate it? Is there any advantage of manually doing so? – Ooker Jun 3 at 13:30
  • There's no advantage, @Ooker. Its automation has just been deprioritized, in general. – JNat Jun 3 at 14:28
  • may I ask why is that? – Ooker Jun 3 at 15:38

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