A nice guy @rene gave the answer to keywords search on SEDE might need improvement

builder.Where(@"  qs.Title LIKE @search 
               OR qs.[Description] LIKE @search", 
        new { search = '%' + searchCriteria.SearchTerm + '%' });

So it is looking for your search text as is in either the title or the description of a query row.

take the query word count a user as example, does description refer to the part pointed out by red rectangle in the following image?

enter image description here


No, have a close look when creating a query:

title and query window

Click the link edit description

The textbox for the description is revealed:

query window with title and description box visible

Don't forget to "Run" your query once you edited the Title and/or Description as that is the only way to trigger an insert/update to the database.

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