The tag has no tag wiki but 37 questions covering widely different topics. I'd be inclined to associate 'how to' questions with ("How do I use Stack Exchange feature X") but users have managed to tag s, s and even s with them.

I think is a meta tag, not unlike the [best-practices] tag mentioned there and should be burninated/synonymized/merged. Thoughts?

Since I originally posted this, the tag has been removed from a few questions and as far as I can see it's safe to apply to the remaining ones, as @PolyGeo suggested in the answer. That was previously impossible for me because "synonyms to required or moderator only tags can only be created by moderators", but @Sonic reminded me that circumstances have changed and I can no longer reproduce that error message, so they're merged now.

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    Since you're now a moderator, I think it will work this time without error. Commented Dec 5, 2022 at 22:17

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Instead of burninating it I suggest asking a moderator to merge the tag into the tag with the latter being the master and leaving the former as a synonym to it.

If there are any questions for which a tag of is unsuitable then re-tagging them prior to the merge would be appropriate.


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