I receive suggestions (in comments) to improve my own question. I start editing. I forgot some of the suggestions, what should I do? I normally go back and forth until I finish editing. I can use two tabs but it'd be much more helpful to me if I can see the comments on the editing page.

This ability was previously requested, and was implemented for 2k+ users with their inline editor, but it wasn't implemented for <2k users for no apparent reason.

Can the comments please be added for <2k reputation users while editing our own posts or community wiki posts?

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    Welcome to Meta SE. As a work-around although it's not really an ideal solution, have you tried having your question open in 2 tabs or separate browser windows, with you editing your question in one and checking the other one for new comments? – John Omielan Apr 16 at 5:00
  • Heads up we're planning on revisiting this. If we decide to move forward with this, we'll follow up here. – Jon Chan Aug 5 at 19:36

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