How can I write this symbol: ` inside a code block in just one line?

As the code blocks are defined by: ```, I am not able to write one of these inside the code block.


We use the term 'code block' to refer to a ... block ... of code, as opposed to 'in-line code'. For that, see the duplicate question. For code blocks, the following Markdown




Alternatively, you can use the old style code blocks (indentation by four spaces). The following Markdown would work as well:

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  • Okay, I've edited the question because I was referring to write everything in the same line, but this solution works! – Jeni Apr 24 at 12:07
  • 2
    @Jeni You can also use a backslash to escape a single backtick in a inline code sample. Eg, inline code ` sample, which I wrote using: inline `code \` sample` – PM 2Ring Apr 24 at 12:36

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