Hi, I'm sorry to ask this lame question but I do not see any bounty button. I've checked the faq and related questions, but I guess nobody has been so lame to ask this question so far.

I'm a newbie to this site and my situation is like this:

  • my reputation is 51
  • the question age says 3 days

Are there any other requirements I have to meet to offer bounty for my question, that are not mentioned in faq? Or I missed something?


my reputation is 51

You need 75 rep to start a bounty. See the blog:


  • you have at least 75 reputation
  • your question is at least two days old
  • your question does not yet have an accepted answer.
  • Point three is not valid or is it only me allowed to start a bounty on my question with accepted answer? – Zaheer Ahmed Apr 26 '13 at 7:33

As mentioned in the bounty FAQ, you need 100 reputation in order to start a bounty.

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