I read that 'tags' on Stack Exchange are 'prohibited' in titles.

Should questions include “tags” in their titles?

So, to clearly identify a question, we need to read its title... and the tags.

Indeed, a question such as: "How to compute length of string?" is not clearly identified without its tags. (Example: [vb.net] or [java] or [javascript].)

Some months ago, a Similar questions block has been added when asking a question.

In this block it is possible to see similar questions based only on the title!

Since identification of questions is based on title and tags, the proposed similar questions based only on title are not always pertinent.


Is it possible to add related tags just behind a question, so that when a user reads the title of a question, they know immediately the context of this question?

Currently, the user must click on the proposed question to know the context (tags) and it is very painful.

PS: If questions are identified (= primary key) by title and tags, each time a question is referenced, title and tags must be visible!


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