Usually when I go to a users' profile and look at the activity tab, I can see there a badge tracker which shows the newest badge and next badge - with a progress towards that badge.

Today I have noticed one user profile where the badge tracker only shows the newest badge, but the part with progress to the next badge is not displayed. What is the reason for this? Is it simply that the user already has all badges which can be displayed in the badge tracker?

Here is my attempt to check number of trackable badges for individual users - however, I am not sure whether I have missed some of the badges. Originally I have noticed this in Glorfindels' profile on this site. Using the above query on Stack Overflow, I was able to find two users with profiles like this: alecxe and templatetypedef.

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Yes, I'm out of badges to track; that's the reason why you don't see a badge tracker there, and the Newest badge appears in a different place than usual. I posted a bug report here: Newest badge shown in wrong place in badge tracker. This all wouldn't be a problem if you could track the Socratic badge multiple times, as requested here.

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