I have seen plenty of references to the legal disclaimers etc. for the whole Stack Exchange site being referred to https://stackoverflow.com/legal/, but all SE sites are owned and operated by Stack Exchange, Inc. not anyone called Stack Overflow, (Ltd., LLC, PLC, Inc. or otherwise).

The Stack Overflow Network is a set of related Internet sites and other applications for questions and answers (also referred to herein as the “Network”), owned and operated by Stack Exchange, Inc.

Going to https://stackexchange.com/legal/ redirects to https://stackoverflow.com/legal/, but should the Public Network Terms of Service, including Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability etc. be moved to https://stackexchange.com/legal/ and all SE legal pages e.g. https://webmasters.stackexchange.com/legal/ be redirected to https://stackexchange.com/legal/?

Not only does this centralize the legals to the right company website, but when and if the legals need editing, there is one point of call for those edits.



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