According to user @luuklag, downvotes signal disagreement:

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Because this is a forum for suggesting new ideas and pointing out different issues that are related to this site, some people would agree and some would disagree, the spectrum of opinions here is broad.

So why would someone that does not agree with my opinion or my idea can downvote and reduce my reputation just because we don't share the same opinion/'ideology'? what is the reasoning behind this?

Just because an issue some user pointed out is not very critical in the eyes of one person does not mean it is not critical at all.

For example, at Stack Overflow, users downvote not because they "don't like the programming language the user posted" but because of pure objectivity, that the question was not phrased well or lacked examples.

I am sure this thread is going to get downvotes, but I am confused as this is not a suggestion or anything, just a discussion, so, if you downvote, please explain why you do so. What made you downvote? This is a discussion and I am here to learn!

Update: the second I posted this thread it got instantly a downvote, which is very odd as I am sure no-one can read that fast. Literally happened 1 second after I posted. Else you have inhumane reading speed this is not possible.

Should we be punishing users for disagreeing on meta?

This is the thread I was looking for, this is actually shows why this community is falling down the hill. Look at how you try and "mute" this guys legitimate question. This is the face of your community and you should be ashamed- even thoguh it is the other way around (the one with "more" power that down-votes gets punshied), the idea is the same

  • Downvotes show disagreement and upvotes show (somewhat show) agreement, so extending your argument, you should neither earn or lose rep for vote on your questions on Meta. Sounds silly, doesn't it? And that's why the current system in place is the best alternative. – FakeMod 1 hour ago

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