In the latest blog post, The Loop, May 2020: Dark Mode, there's an image directly after the first line. It contains a chart and looks like it contains useful information, which is nice.

However, if you can't see images (or are using a screen reader or something), then... you can't access any of the information on the chart. This is what it looks like if I disable images:

Screenshot of the blog post, showing the first line of text, a big blank space, and then a continuation of the text.

This is a regression of sorts; in the Q2 Community Roadmap blog post, there was a very nice chart included that was not in image format (which has the additional benefit of being able to copy-paste, and of being dark when dark mode is enabled):

Screenshot showing text chart in the Q2 Roadmap blog post

Could you please either at least add alt text for the image in the May 2020 Loop blog post, or, preferably, abandon the chart-in-images thing and just use the text charts?



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