After passing a review audit, and after the congratulations screen is shown, I sometimes click the stats-link to find out how many additional posts need review.

I noticed that the actual number shown, say X, is usually (always?) 1 less then the actual number of posts that still need review (= X+1). Because if I then just continue reviewing (using the start reviewing now-link), it turns out that there is usually (always?) 1 more review (total = X+1) that I can perform as compared to what was initially shown as need review (= X). This seems to happen on all sites where I perform reviews (and which have audit reviews enabled), for either first posts or late answers. Obviously, this to the extend that X+1 does not exceed my daily maximum reviews of 20.

Of course, while completing the remaining reviews the number of posts to be reviewed could indeed change. But I find it suspicious that very often there is a difference of exactly 1 as described above.

What's the actual reason for this apparent difference, or is it simply a bug (like "completing an audit review should not decrease the number of posts that need review")?

For a real world illustration, which happened when I completed this audit review:. The value that was shown for X was 2, but nevertheless in the next 2 minutes or so I was able to complete 3 more reviews, i.e. this one, and this one, and this one.

Note: in case X=0 you better click the start reviewing now-link, because often times there is 1 (= X+1) review outstanding anyway ... as in this audit review.

  • I couldn't recreate this, when I click the stats button it shows the same number as the all reviews page after a refresh. I think this might be just a coincidence. If it is on an active site, it seems likely someone else could be reviewing at the same time? – Mark Kirby May 27 '20 at 17:14
  • @MarkKirby pretty sure this is not a coincidence, it happened again a few hours ago on some other site, after I passed another audit review. And it only happens after such audit review (only then you have a chance to try to recreate it). Moreover IMO it has nothing to do with a refresh. – Pierre.Vriens May 27 '20 at 18:18

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