This image says it all:

Screenshot of the "accounts" tab of the network profile page with "1 badges" and "1 questions" stat items

As you can see, I'm viewing someone's network profile and it says "1 questions". The same problem goes with the answers, but you don't see that in the image because the user didn't post precisely one answer.

The badges also have a pluralization bug because it's saying:

1 bronze badges

So I think the "s" needs to go away.


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I think this one is less problematic than others, because the layout is different.

In your case, the pluralized word is placed under the number, not right after the number. This makes interpretation different, like:

  • 1 questions
  • Number of questions: 1

Obviously the first one is an error, but the second one is perfectly valid.

For example, here's a page from Google Analytics:

Same look.


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