I’ve looked at Earth Science, Biology, and Sustainable Living.

Unfortunately, I’m not a contributing member to either of the sites, so I have little idea where my question would be a good fit. It’s about (large-scale) techniques to tackle organic waste through insects.

I thought Earth Science would be a good fit but it seems focused on geophyics. Sustainable Living seems to focus on individuals. Biology may know about insects but not their use in garbage management.

Is there a site where it’s appropriate to post this question? If not, are there any proposed sites on Area 51?

  • Thanks for digging through to find that. I've posted my question on sustainable-living.SE, I'll wait to see how it's received. Jun 6, 2020 at 13:27
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    Oh, ...must. not...must not...must not.... Jun 6, 2020 at 17:08

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I’m turning my original comment into an answer as I gain more evidence and thus more confidence that Sustainable Living is the right site for your question.

Sustainable-living.SE seems to focus on individuals

They seem to accept questions like:

The Related sections on these pages show more questions like these.

Some of them focus on scientific research or empirical data related to biodegradable waste and some of them have a question pattern of “Has X ever been used for Y”.

Their help center lists “Product and appliance life-cycles, waste streams and waste minimisation” as on-topic. I cannot find any discussion about waste management being off-topic on their meta.

As the site still isn’t quite mature, I cannot find a question like yours that has a negative score; the few questions about waste that are closed don’t seem to have specific off-topic reasons — it’s just general stuff like “needs more details” or “needs more focus”, but never anything akin to “questions about biodegradable waste techniques are off-topic here”.

They have a waste tag and a biodegradable-waste tag which you could use for your question (which is here: Are there any insect-based waste-separation techniques? — currently at score 2 with one answer, which looks great).

Biology doesn’t list your type of question as off-topic, but the closest on-topic item in their help center is “general questions about biological concepts”. They don’t have waste-related tags, currently. Biology doesn’t look like the best candidate.

And Earth Science is really more focused on geo-science. Quickly glancing through some of the questions on that site, I can’t find anything similar to your question there.

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