When I went to this question some of the text was highlighted in yellow. Is there something wrong with this?

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I can't answer this question any better than Martijn Peters did (which user289905 pointed out) over on Meta SO.

Quoting his amazing answer:

The highlight is a Google search feature, where it’ll show the matching section on the page by adding a specially formatted URL hash fragment (starting with :~:text=). You got to that page by clicking on a featured snippet at the top of a Google search result and are using Chrome. Google rolled out the feature worldwide this week after testing it in limited settings for a while.

This is not a Stack Overflow feature, and the feature is not limited to just Stack Overflow search results. This is Google’s search engine hooking into Google’s browser (and any other browser that supports Google's proposed scroll-to-text fragment specification).

See these instructions on how to turn it off.

Stack Overflow could choose to disable the feature, either by adding a Document-Policy: force-load-at-top HTTP header (which disables all fragment scrolling, including linking to answers and comments), or by disabling featured snippet support entirely. Both options look to me to have too broad an effect, and don't think they would be good options.

TL;DR: This isn't specific to Stack Overflow (or any site on Stack Exchange's network,) it's your browser. As a result, this isn't a bug.

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    I was torn between posting this answer and not (because Maritjn's answer is just that good and taking it feels a tad wrong), but then I realized that this may be a common question in the coming few days as this is a recently-added Chrome feature. Having this question as a good duplicate target will be nice for that eventuality. – Spevacus Jun 8 at 21:11

It looks like you highlighted some text in your browser. Reload the page and it should go away.

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    Not the case. See the url. – Shadow Wizard Wearing Mask Jun 8 at 20:20
  • Uh, I thought only the site itself could change the color of your text-selector (yes, I've seen sites with such feature, SO is not one of them). Does anyone here know how to manually change the color yourself? I don't. (Yeah, i know, the text-selector is not the cause here as shadow pointed out, but i wanted to prove Robert's guess wrong.) – mindstormsboi Jun 8 at 20:40

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